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About Appleton Waste Services

The APPLE doesn’t fall too far from the TREE.

Going back to our roots

The Appleton family has a heritage in the waste industry that goes back 3 generations, and in 2013 we went back to our roots by expanding our waste and recycling division. Responding to rising demand in the Okanagan, we designed a range of waste recycling and landfill diversion systems and we now work with waste producers and waste facilities to divert waste from landfill. This area of our business is growing quickly and we manage an expanding network of environmentally conscience service offerings to our clientele, many tailored to a particular customers’ own waste handling issues. We work within the BC and Alberta waste and recycling sectors, including commercial, residential, and industrial collection. As well as waste diversion and transportation between BC, Alberta, and Washington,  USA.

Looking ahead

Our story doesn’t end there. We are an ambitious team who pride ourselves in our ability to evolve alongside new technologies to make a positive impact on our planet, and to adapt to changes in the industries we serve, with a consideration for today’s waste recovery regulations and requirements. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and look forward to seeing where we can take the businesses in the future.

An APPLE a day

We appreciate the importance of work that is being done by charities, community support and fundraising groups, and we understand the positive impact our business can have in helping to generate revenues or awareness for these causes.

We have made a pledge to donate at least 1 per cent of our profits each quarter to charitable causes or awareness campaigns.

We donate to a range of causes that exist to make a difference to the world, starting in our own communities and the people that occupy them. We are also particularly keen to consider those charities or causes that have an association with our staff members or customers and suppliers.

How it works

We actively encourage our members, customers, suppliers and staff to recommend a cause or charity that means something to them individually, or to their business. All recommendations are submitted to our charity donation committee for consideration.

True to our transparent nature, we publicize the decisions made by the committee, the donations we have made and to which causes, each quarter on our website and through our regular newsletters.

Helping us to do good

Each and every one of the businesses we work with is helping us to do good. We would like to thank all of our customers and suppliers for supporting our mission to improve lives, protect nature and make the environment around us a better place to live.


As an Employer

We are an ethical, caring and honest business and we apply these principles to every decision we make. Ethical behavior is an integral part of what we do and we believe it is the best path for our customers and suppliers, our staff, and the environment.

Our people are the key to our success. We foster an open and inclusive culture for all, and encourage diversity. We treat our employees with respect and are proud of our equal opportunities. Our staff are consulted on matters that affect them, and they in turn play an active role in helping to shape our business.

In our business

We are committed to sustainable business principles and have sought to find the most environmentally friendly methods of running our business from day one. We are approved to Quality and Environmental Management Systems, which underlines our commitment and dedication to maintaining the highest quality standards in the delivery of our services, whilst remaining as ‘green’ as we possibly can within a competitive market place.

To our customers and suppliers

We believe that sustainable customer and supplier relationships should be built on honesty and trust. Our customers and suppliers receive a friendly, fair and honest service that is of the highest quality and offers value for money. Where possible, we also aim to promote responsible behavior in the supply chain.


Our promise to you

Our customers are at the heart of our business and we are committed to delivering an unrivaled service to each and every business we work with. We continuously strive to tailor our services to meet individual needs, and promise to deliver a service that is of the highest quality and offers value for money.

Our customer charter explains the level of service you can expect from our team.

1. We are always on hand to help

We are committed to dealing with all requests and queries within a timely fashion, and will respond to you within the same working day.

2. We will always give you the right treatment

We deal with our customers in a friendly, polite, helpful and professional manner at all times. Our team is committed to always providing a service of the highest standard

3. We will communicate with you in a clear manner

We are committed to providing clear and easy to understand information, writing and talking in plain English, avoiding unnecessary jargon and explaining acronyms.

4. We provide solutions you can trust

We are proud to operate in an honest, reliable and ethical manner and apply these principles to every decision we make.

5. We value your opinion

We believe that customer feedback is vital. We actively seek, listen to, and act upon all feedback we receive.

6. We are committed to keeping you informed

We continually look for ways to communicate with our customers to highlight relevant industry developments, keeping you informed of any issues that could affect your business.

7. We care if things go wrong

We act on any complaint we receive. You can expect an initial response within the same working day and we aim to investigate and find a resolution within 5 working days. If it is going to take longer, we will let know you know why.

8. We care about the environment

We continually strive to be as sustainable as we can, finding the most environmentally friendly methods of running our business and reducing our own waste, energy and materials.


Our Mission, Vision and Values are deeply rooted in our business. Shared by our team, they are the foundation for all that we do, shaping the way we work with our customers, business partners, suppliers and each other.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

It is our mission to help improve lives, protect nature and make the environment around us a better place to live. We achieve this by helping businesses comply with environmental regulations, offering solutions that are sustainable, cost-effective, ethical and honest.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring transparency, cost reduction and ethical behavior to the compliance, recovery and recycling sectors, enabling businesses to make a difference to the world we live in, and for all that occupy it.

Our Values


We care about our people, those we work with, and the world around us and we use the success of our business to give back and make a difference.


We are an ethical and honest business. We are proud to have built our business on these principles and we apply them to every decision we make.


Our team and our operations are constantly evolving, ever-changing and growing to meet and exceed the expectations of those we work with.


We are proud to be a savvy, high-achieving, intelligent, forward-thinking and knowledgeable business.


We are passionate about our business, and about using its success to make a difference. This passion is apparent in both our day-to-day business and in our long-term plans and ambitions.


Our people are our biggest asset and we support the personal growth of each member of our team, embracing diversity and encouraging ideas and talent. In return, we are proud to have a dedicated team who go above and beyond in helping us to achieve our mission.


We have sought the most environmentally friendly methods of running our business from day one, and continually strive to reduce our own waste, energy and materials, as well as assisting those we work with to do the same.

It Just Makes GOOD SENSE 

The Environment

Appleton Waste Services is committed to protecting the environment and reducing waste. Wherever possible, Appleton Waste Services promotes the efficient use of energy and natural resources, innovative solutions to reduce pollutants and exercise environmentally safe disposal methods. To this end, Appleton Waste Services:

• Routinely assesses the impact that its activities have on the locations where it operates, its generation of pollution and waste, as well as its impact on natural habitats.

• Implements programs based on a sustainability perspective to assess, avoid, reduce, and mitigate the environmental risk and impacts of its activities.

• Follows the principles of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle as the primary initiative to support our environmental responsibilities.