LANDFILL DIVERSION – doing our part to convert waste to energy.

APPLETON WASTE SERVICES is a single destination waste, recycling and environmental services provider for Municipal, Commercial, Industrial, Construction and Demolition industries.














Appleton Waste Services is helping to divert municipal, commercial, industrial, construction and demolition waste from landfills and converting it into useable sources.

We work with our clients to divert waste from landfills utilizing our environmentally friendly waste-to-energy methodology. We have an expansive network for refuse derived fuel (RDF), solid recovered fuel (SRF) and construction materials, and can guarantee fast and safe transportation of the material-to-energy from waste facilities, both in Alberta, BC and the US.


Our Waste-to-Energy services include:

We offer waste reduction discovery with a personalized Waste Audit.
Our Materials Recycling Facilities combine state-of-the-art municipal, commercialindustrial, construction and demolition recycling systems for ‘energy from waste’ facilities.
Our Waste Transfer Station  operations represent an efficient, environmentally friendly methodology to receive, process, compact and transfer solid waste to landfills. Each one is expertly engineered and managed to protect the environment and serve the community as a responsible neighbor.
Our Waste Hauling Vehicles travel to landfills that meet the stringent province-specific requirements – representing the most cost effective, environmentally safe methodology for the ultimate disposal of non-recyclable solid waste available today.



Our customers benefit from a reliable waste management company, that delivers strong savings. 

We are proud of our ethical foundations and provide honest solutions that you can trust with a focus on excellent customer service. We also understand that one solution does not suit all businesses and we have the ability to tailor our services to the requirements of individual customers.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or to set up a customized waste audit.